partners and affiliations

ASTER Labs, Inc. has many working partnerships within the aerospace and medical industries, government, and academic institutions.
Our company is also affiliated with a number of organizations for research and outreach.

A number of these are listed below.


Aerospace Industry:

  1.   Advanced Research Corporation

  2.   Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp.   

  3.   Cateni, Inc.                                                           

  4.   CrossTrac Engineering, Inc.

  5.   Daedalus Flight Systems, LLC

  6.   Emergent Space Technologies, Inc.

  7.   GomSpace ApS

  8.   Gopher Flying Club

  9.   Honeywell, Inc.

  10.   Lockheed Martin Corporation

  11.   MathWorks, Inc.

  12.   Microcosm, Inc.

  13.   North American Robotics

  14.   PRISSEM Academic Services, LLC

  15.   RoboSeed, LLC

  16.   Satellite Engineering Research Corporation

  17.   Venture Ad Astra, LLC

Medical Industry:

  1.   Advanced Medical Electronics Corp.

  2.   Innovative Design Labs Corp.

  3.   Koronis Biomedical Technologies Corp.

  4.   Mayo Clinic

  5.   Moai Technologies, LLC


  1.   The Aerospace Corporation

  2.   Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

  3.   The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

  4.   Los Alamos National Laboratory

  5.   Missile Defense Agency

  6.   National Science Foundation

  7.   NASA Ames Research Center

  8.   NASA Glenn Research Center

  9.   NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

  10.   NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

  11.   National Institutes of Health

  12.   U.S. Department of Agriculture

  13.   U.S. Department of Homeland Security

  14.   U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

  15.   U.S. Navy

Academic Institutions:

  1.   University of California, Berkeley, Space Sciences Laboratory

  2.   University of Florida, Department of Clinical and Health Psychology

  3.   University of Maine, Spatial Information Science and Engineering Department

  4.   University of Maryland, Aerospace Engineering Department

  5.   University of Minnesota, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Department

  6.   University of Minnesota, School of Dentistry

  7.   Stanford University, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics


Professional Organizations:

  1.   American Astronomical Society

  2.   American Astronautical Society

  3.   American Geophysical Union

  4.   Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

  5.   International Astronomical Union

  6.   Royal Institute of Navigation

  7.   The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

  8.   The Institute of Navigation