about us

Who are we?  

For over a decade, we have been a technology and research laboratory, specializing in advanced solutions for space, air, terrestrial, and personal applications. 

What to do we do?

Our company primarily focuses upon research for advanced topics in the aerospace industry and provides engineering consulting and prototype development for numerous customers. Research and development within the company is concentrated on the analysis of aerospace systems and sub-systems with potential for significant contributions to related technology, such as space vehicle systems, medical sensor development, and personal consumer products. We have pursued environmental analysis for applications related to the topics above, including energy harvesting and generation systems, and water purification. We develop and license our own intellectual property. We also have an established record of utilizing our research to support science and engineering education, with active students regularly integrated into our work environment.

Who are our customers?

ASTER Labs has a stellar reputation as an inventive, solution based company that consults for a vast group of clients.  From governmental agencies to the private sector, technology companies to universities, we provide state-of-the-art products and services to aid in the development of new technology. 

Why ASTER Labs? 

All our personnel pride ourselves on the ability to think beyond current technologies and revolutionize.  This is reflected in the vision from the founder and CEO of our company. With our team of research scientists, engineers, and software developers, we are able to approach challenges in a manner in which innovation and creativity solve complex problems, improve existing systems, and create new opportunities for our clients and collaborators. 

Wondering what the ASTER in ASTER Labs stands for?

It is for Advanced Space Technology Research.

aster (astēr) n. [Latin “star”, Greek “star”]
1. All things that exist were once made in the furnace, the heart, of a star.
2. ASTER Labs aids in the creation of new ideas and products through its technological innovations.