15 September 2016


Astos Solutions and ASTER Labs reach agreement for United States sales venture

Shoreview, MN,   –   ASTER Labs, Inc.  (ASTER Labs) is now a broker for Astos Solutions GmbH (Astos) software products in the United States.  Astos provides software for launch, in-orbit, reentry, and interplanetary missions.  This software capability fits well with ASTER Labs’ space-focused research missions and products.  The addition of Astos software products complements ASTER Labs current offerings and enhances the ability to provide hardware and software products and services to a larger space sector, including the growing market of nanosatellites (CubeSats) and their full mission deployment.

ASTER Labs is an established leader in spacecraft navigation research and application development.  Astos Solutions is internationally recognized for their evolving experience in optimization and simulation solutions through off-the-shelf software serving space industry, agencies, and research organizations worldwide.

ASTER Labs’ CEO and Founder, Dr. Suneel I. Sheikh said, “ASTER Labs is excited to expand Astos Solutions offerings in the U.S. market.  Our research partners on academic, governmental, and commercial projects will welcome increased access to robust and highly capable software solutions that can be integrated into advanced research within astrodynamics and robotics, as well as trajectory generation and optimization.”

Astos Solution's Managing Director Andreas Wiegand states, “Astos Solutions GmbH is looking forward to the pursuit of new market sales with ASTER Labs, Inc. within the United States.  We believe the collaboration between our two companies will provide a significant growth opportunity for our product catalogue."

ASTER Labs provides full integration of hardware and software to deliver a complete solution to research, product development, and mission delivery.  This new agreement will support research from ideation to satellite launch, deployment, and operations.

About Astos Solutions
Astos Solutions GmbH, Unterkirnach, Germany, was founded in 2006 as an extension of the long development of its ASTOS software product.  The ASTOS software began in 1989 at the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) under Prof. Klaus Well, who moved its development to the Institute of Flight Mechanics and Control (IFR) at the University of Stuttgart in 1991.  Significant software improvements under Astos Solutions founder Andreas Wiegand produced the commercialized version of ASTOS in 1999.  ASTOS core activities relate to mission analysis, trajectory, and vehicle design optimization, system concept simulation, Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC), pointing error engineering, camera simulation, and magnetic cleanliness.  It provides services and software to several space agencies and commercial companies.  As a prime contractor for various ESA projects, the software modules are reference tools for the design of space missions and for operational activities.  Astos Solutions has led and participated in numerous studies, including the German Orbital Servicing Mission (DEOS, DLR), HiPER (EU FP7), New European Launch System (NELS, ESA), and SHEFEX II (DLR).  The ASTOS software package’s strong reputation continues to make it a highly sought-after analysis tool for missions such as ELECTRA, METOp, SARah radar satellite reconnaissance system, and NEUTRINO launch system for nanosatellites.

About ASTER Labs
ASTER Labs, Inc., Shoreview, MN, was founded in 2004 and is a research and development firm that primarily focuses on advanced topics in the aerospace industry.  It also provides engineering services and prototype development for numerous customers.  Research within the company is concentrated on the analysis of aerospace systems and sub-systems with potential for significant contributions to related technology, such as space vehicle systems, medical sensor development, and personal consumer products.  ASTER Labs has pursued environmental analysis for applications related to the topics above.  ASTER Labs develops and licenses its own intellectual property.  ASTER Labs has an established record of utilizing its research to support science and engineering education, with active students regularly integrated into its work environment.

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