All perpetual licenses are node-locked to a single computer.

All orders offer free download of updated versions within the next year, as well as direct support.

An optional yearly maintenance cost can be added.

ASTER Labs, Inc. is an official broker in the United States
of the ASTOS® software tool set for Astos Solutions GmbH.

Please contact us for additional inquiries and quotes.

ASTOS Software Options

  1. Bullet    ASTOS Basic

  2. Bullet    Vehicle Design

  3. Bullet    Multi Vehicle

  4. Bullet    User Model

  5. Bullet    Mission Analysis

  6. Bullet    Propulsion Analysis

  7. Bullet    Load Determination

  8. Bullet    Re-Entry Safety

  9. Bullet    Launch Safety

  10. Bullet    Coverage

  11. Bullet    Navigation

  12. Bullet    Simulink GNC

  13. Bullet    DCAP Linearize

  14. Bullet    Robotic Arm

  15. Bullet    Optimization

  16. Bullet    SNOPT

  17. Bullet    WORHP

  18. Bullet    MIDACO

  19. Bullet    SOS

  20. Bullet    Floating License

Other Software and Hardware Options

  1. Bullet    ASTOS Amateur Rocket Edition

  2. Bullet    Camera Simulator

  3. Bullet    ODIN

  4. Bullet    ODIN MER

  5. Bullet    ODIN FEM

  6. Bullet    DCAP

  7. Bullet    GAMAG

  8. Bullet    GESOP

  9. Bullet    LOTOS

  10. Bullet    PEET

Analysis, Simulation and Trajectory Optimization Software for Space Applications